"Winterhymn, a huge draw at the recent PaganFest V tour, achieve what few bands who classify themselves as “folk metal” musicians ever do--the perfect melding, musically and visually--of the two elements that must be present to uphold the integrity of that genre. . . They are serious and very clear about who and what they are, and that clarity comes through in a way that is mesmerizing to witness live and manages to remain as powerful when put onto an album."

   †  Lara Dean,



 “Never before has metal been as fun as it is on Winterhymn’s self-released debut of epic folk metal. . . each track on Songs for the Slain is an ale-swigging adventure of fun and epic glory. I can’t seem to reduce the ridiculous grin that I always find plastered on my face while listening to this album. Grab a frosty mug of ale and enjoy!” 

   †  Metal Joe, Hail & Kill Heavy Metal HQ



"Not many bands have the singular vision of Winterhymn. The sextet has its goals in sight and is determined to slay any obstacles in their path.” 

   †  Nick Grever, City Beat

“The crowd immediately got into the heady mix of fist-in-the-air Manowar-esque power metal and strong, well-placed folk elements. . .The fantasy element is a huge aspect of this kind of music, and Winterhymn channeled this spirit with their uplifting, melody-driven brand of pagan metal anthems.  As Draug bade his thanks and farewells to the appreciative crowd, one can only hope some of these metal labels will wake up and sign them yesterday."

†  Nicholas Franco, CrypticRock.coml


"The authenticity of their performance is irreproachable, they could easily be the modern blood descendants of the ancient Varangians themselves. Their music stacks up a powerful and lyrical journey for the early arrivers to the show. It is doubtful that they will remain an unsigned band for long, as they are far too visionary and committed to be ignored. This was the dream state."

  †  The Augurian, Metal Master Kingdom


“This is American folk metal at its best, and I honestly do not see how this band is still unsigned. It takes the listener on an emotional trip, ranging from rage and bloodlust to happy beer songs. . .Winterhymn is simply one of the best unsigned bands in America today, and the fact they were able to do it by being folk metal only makes it more impressive.”

  †  Tommy Lawrence, The Metal Review