From the Desk of Draug, pt. 1

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From the desk of Draug, For your friendly folk metal overlords in Winterhymn and our loyal Winter Warriors, 2014 has been and will continue to be a year to remember! As most of you know, this spring we set out across North America on Paganfest America Part V with Varg, Chthonic, Turisas, and Korpiklaani! Most of the continent was virgin territory to us but, like with all virgin territory, we rammed our way into each venue with a carnal fury, leaving each crowd and ourselves satisfied. (Most nights we’d even hang around and cuddle.) We cannot thank Rock the Nation USA, the managers and crew, or our wonderful new friends made in the other bands enough! And certainly our thanks goes out to everyone who raised their fists and drinks with us on the road, as well as all who funded us through Indiegogo! You all made it possible and worthwhile!

In honor of those who supported us before the tour and on the road, we released our Paganfest V Sampler, a 5-track EP of sorts featuring unreleased or unrecorded material, including our Skyrim cover, which has been sullying the pants of nerds the world over! You can acquire it through our merch store, Bandcamp, or iTunes!

Since returning, we have been hard at work planning the next steps of our North American folk metal conquest. First and most obviously, we have a new and fully updated website designed by our very own master of keys Exura! Check back here, as well as our Facebook page for future updates! We are also actively writing and producing the followup full-length album to Songs for the Slain and our Paganfest V Sampler EP. As always we are broadening our horizons in every way imaginable and are constantly looking to utilize the full potential of our newest members. Expect a sonic battle of epic proportions, set in an entirely original world, and expect it to blow away everything you’ve heard up to this point! We are also booking, incredibly eager to return to the crowds we have grown so fond of while on the road, as well as those who were left out of Paganfest’s tour route! Our only announced show at the moment is the Pre-Fest Showcase of Warriors of Metal Fest VII at O’Shecky’s Live in Columbus, OH on June 26th! Tickets are available in the “Shows” tab of Come join us at one of the greatest regional metal gatherings!

However, we have some confirmed shows in the works that are still a secret ;) So keep an eye out for when we will return to your city! Until then, Winter Warriors!

-Draug the Revenant

#paganfest2014 #folkmetal

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