Nov 2nd / Starkill + Winterhymn / Kansas City, MO @ Riot Room

Tickets here!

We had a fantastic time playing the the Columbus and Cincinnati dates for the Deicide Septic Flesh / Carach Angren / Inquisition / Abysmal Dawn tour! Some of you may know, but our guitarist Varrik is traveling with the tour as a guitar tech. The tour ends this week, and hopefully we'll get him back in one piece without smelling too badly of stale beer, sweaty tattooed metal dudes, and gas station hot dogs (protip: avoid the ones with the jalapeno cheese inside, unless you want to feel the wrath of your intestines).

Anyway...we're so excited about the new material for our second full-length album that it's hard to keep it under wraps! We don't want to say *too much* about it because we don't know when recording will begin...but we can promise you that we will deliver a folk metal walloping of Norse proportions.

Meanwhile, if you live in Kansas City or the surrounding area, make sure to come see us Nov. 2nd at the Riot Room with Starkill! Tickets are only $10 and we want can't wait to rock out with all you fun-loving folk-metal loving assholes. And afterwards, maybe...just maybe...we can drink a beer or six together after the show, because, as a wise man (probably) once said, no good metal show ends with eating a tofu salad and watching Seinfeld.

SO...Nov 2nd, come help us give the cold days ahead the only proper welcome...that of heavy folkin' metal!

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