Umbriel collaborates with Folkearth on 2014 album "Balder's Lament"

Hey there guys! This is Umbriel coming to you live from the darkest thresholds of hell (aka Starbuck’s lobby surrounded by an unfathomable amount of hipsters). I’m so stoked to share with everyone the awesome collaboration that was just released that includes violin pieces from yours truly along with music from 12 other metal masterminds. Folkearth is not your average folk metal band. The forces that worked on this album came from countries from all over the world to create the ear-blasting tunes you can find in the newest edition, “Balder’s Lament”.

When I was contacted about possibly working on the new album, I honestly had no idea what I was getting into. The process of piecing together a song is completely different when you’re located on separate continents and struggling with all kinds of language barriers. But nothing can stand in the way of true metal! It’s hard to describe the extent of how much hard work went into this project by every musician, sound engineer and graphic designer. Working and befriending such talented people from all over the world was a surreal experience. So go check out our new album and remember, the love of metal is universal. \m/


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