New Noise Magazine Debuts New Winterhymn Music Video

​We're proud to bring you the official music video for 'Dream of Might,' the second track off our 2016 album Blood & Shadow! New Noise Magazine debuted the video and you can watch it here!

Some words from New Noise about our music: "Winterhymn weaves soaring, epic, majestic progressive pagan folk metal elements with haunting violin and symphonic melodies. No less than six musicians make up the act known as Winterhymn and at one point or another each adds meaningful contributions to the mix. Many of the tracks on Blood & Shadow actually sound like they could have come from traditional old Celtic, Scandinavian folk songs, updated by the band and made into heavy metal anthems for the new age. The guitar work here is of note , the leads are stellar, and the riffing is top-notch, adding a refined prog-metal touch without compromising the ancient feeling and folky vibe of the overall album."

We hope you enjoy! Drop us a comment on our YouTube channel and let us know what you think. If you like what you see/hear you can buy our album here. Digital copies are available here and on iTunes.

Video Credits: Videography/Editing - Holland Rains Grips - Louie Suer, Jared Compton Dedicated to the memory of our dear brother, Witt Black. Special thanks to Midwest Grip & Lighting

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